Visibility over internal loan agreements and transactions

What is bLend?

bLend is a simple to use online tool that brings together your internal loan activities in one central location.  bLend enables faster more controlled data collection and a reduction in calculation and input errors.  Users are able to gain full visibility over the lending they are involved in without risk of over exposure.

What are the key features?

  • Workflow between Lenders and Borrowers 
  • Locking of agreed data
  • Automatic calculations 
  • Centrally controlled reference tables and calculations 
  • One interface to view all Loans
  • Workflow status and last updated
  • Balance totals
  • Movement in the open Period
  • Live view of data, all users see the same data as it is updated.
  • Role based security restricting users to only seeing the loans that are relevant to them.
  • Simple admin console allowing admins to Create new loans, update security, add new companies and expand categories without technical knowledge.