IBM Watson Analytics For Social Media

Glide through the chatter of social media to find the insights relevant to your business

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media is an add on for Watson Analytics that allows users to specify topics and themes from over 50,000,000 social sites which include Reddit, Blog sites, review sites, video sites, public Facebook pages and news sites.

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media automatically selects relevant topics from social media data and structures the data for analysis. Sentiment analysis at a context level and other text mining applications are performed including clustering analysis, network analysis and behaviour. This analysis is then visualised into dashboard format to demonstrate relationships and patterns, and is available down to a mention level to see exactly what is being said on social media – providing more actionable and relevant insights.

Key features:

  • Specify and refine topics and themes to gain more relevant data
  • Automatically structure data and perform analysis to identify patterns and behaviours
  • Automatic visualisation and dashboarding to understand insights
  • Analysis down to a mention level