IBM Watson Analytics

Explore the hidden relationships and patterns within your data

Are you currently trying to analyse lots of unstructured, text heavy data?  Do you want to be able to predict trends using nothing more than your own data?  Would access to intuitive self-service analytics improve user efficiency at work?

IBM Watson Analytics is a cloud-based data discovery tool that incorporates natural language processing, automatic data refinement and visualisation and predictive capabilities.

IBM Watson Analytics has three main functions which include:

Refine – Import data from a range of sources including IBM Planning Analytics, Databases, Social Media and Excel to then automatically detect data types and assign data quality scores, so you know how effective your data is for analysis. Make use of automatically created hierarchies, or manually create them as well as groups and calculations to add depth to your analysis.

Discover – Perform analysis on your data by natural language querying of your data, or incorporate automatic discoveries suggested by Watson Analytics. Look at your data from different data points, and incorporate predicative capabilities to understand what is driving key areas within your business.

Display – Create Dashboard and Expert Storybooks to illustrate and present your findings, or collaborate within a team to understand how to make smarter decisions.

In focus:

  • Natural language dialogue
  • Automated predictive analytics
  • One-click analysis
  • Smart data discovery
  • Simplified analysis
  • Accessible advanced analytics
  • Self-service dashboards

Discover IBM Watson Analytics

A step by step journey of discovery

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