IBM Cognos Analytics

Analytics that deliver timely insights and agile decisions

IBM Cognos Analytics software gives decision makers a fresh business perspective, turning data into rich information that can be used to access the past, present and future views of your business and its performance in order to capitalise on opportunities and minimise risks. These game-changing insights enable businesses to respond efficiently to rapidly evolving business needs.

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For time-poor professionals, the ability to explore and analyse vast volumes of data with fast, reliable response times is key.  Cognos Analytic's reports, analysis, dashboards and scorecards change the way you work when understanding business performance, making it easier to engage with key stakeholders in business critical decisions.  The toolset comprises:

IBM Cognos Analytics Demo

Our Practice Lead for Analytics Lindsey O' Grady takes on the role of Group Business Analyst for our alter ego MegaBeatz.  In this video Lindsey uses a dashboard in IBM Cognos Analytics to analyse performance against plan and to share information around the business.

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Report Authoring Tools

Suited to a range of different audiences with varying business needs

  • IBM Cognos Workspace

    IBM Cognos Workspace is a web-based tool that allows decision makers to easily pull together information from a wide range of data sources into one workspace (dashboard) across multiple tabs.  This is facilitated through drag and drop of existing IBM Cognos content from different reports, different data models and even external data sources, into one workspace.  The ability to add commentary and to e-mail workspaces makes this tool excellent for collaborative decision making, even with teams who work in disparate locations.

          ✓   Easily pull together content from disparate sources into one place

          ✓   Multi-tabbed dashboard-style reporting

          ✓   Collaborative decision making

          ✓   Ability to manipulate content for further analysis

          ✓   Seamlessly graduate to Workspace Advanced to perform deeper data exploration

    Watch a Demo of Cognos Workspace


  • IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced

    IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced is an easy and intuitive analysis web-based tool which can perform advanced data exploration and author simple reports. In just a few minutes a simple dashboard can be created by pulling multiple report objects (e.g. lists, crosstabs, charts, visualisations) on to the same page.  It is suited to intermediate report authors who want to be empowered to quickly pull together and analyse information for a wide range of ad-hoc queries in a tool that is simple to use.  IBM® Cognos® Workspace Advanced can perform advanced calculations, conditional formatting, page layers, prompts, drill down / up and much more.

          ✓   Create an easy dashboard in minutes

          ✓   Intuitive and easy to learn

          ✓   Self-service reporting for ad-hoc analysis

          ✓   Advanced data exploration

          ✓   Advanced calculations


    Watch a Demo of Cognos Workspace Advanced


  • IBM Cognos Report Studio

    IBM Cognos Report Studio is an advanced report authoring tool suited to a wide range of professional reports. It has comprehensive and rich functionality which can cope with any report design from simple through to high complexity.  This tool is excellent for reports which are intended for a wide audience and which require detail and control over the appearance. 

    Some of the powerful features include the ability to create offline, interactive HTML reports (called 'Active Reports'); and making reports available for bursting. ‘Bursting’ is process of running a report once and the output splits into separate files, each with a different slice of the data. These can automatically distribute to different people where each recipient has only their own slice.

          ✓   Advanced report authoring tool

          ✓   Suited to a wide range of professional reports

          ✓   Suited to reports intended for wide audiences

          ✓   Powerful distribution and output management capabilities

          ✓   Can additionally create interactive offline HTML reports (called 'Active Reports') - disconnected from the network


  • IBM Cognos Active Reports

    IBM Cognos Active Reports provides an interactive analytics experience in a self-contained application for browsing and exploring data offline. Report authors can build reports targeted to user’s needs, keeping the user experience simple and engaging. Mobile workers can take their data with them to discover opportunities and analyse trends even when they are nowhere near a network.

    Active Report Sample

  • IBM Cognos Event Studio

    IBM Cognos Event Studio is a monitoring and event scheduling tool which is used to notify decision makers of events in your organisation as they happen so that they can make timely effective decisions. The tool monitors your data and can perform tasks if a specific event in your data occurs. Tasks include sending an email, running a report, updating a database and much more.

    Often this tool can be used for exception reporting so that reports only send if it contains information of interest. This can be useful for cutting down the number of report in circulation, as only ones which have useful insights are circulated. It is a powerful tool for improving information management.



Allowing flexibility to view data in the office or on the go

  • IBM Cognos Connection

    IBM Cognos Connection is a secure web portal which serves as a repository for IBM Cognos BI reports as well as a launch pad for IBM Cognos BI web based report authoring tools.  Reports within IBM Cognos Connection can be scheduled or viewed immediately. They can be run in a variety of formats using various distribution methods including email, file system, printer, mobile devices, saved within the portal for later or just viewed within the portal without saving.

    It can also form a connection point to other areas of the IBM Cognos financial performance management suite, including IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Controller so that the entire financial performance management experience can be centralised into one portal.


  • IBM Cognos BI Mobile App

    IBM Cognos BI content is available on all mobile devices through the IBM Cognos BI mobile app.  It allows users to gain insights into their business on-the-go.  The mobile app allows you to add your favourite reports as tiles so you can run them easily within just a few taps.

    Mobile users can receive push notifications of newly updated reports so that they know when the latest information is available without having to wade through emails.  The IBM Cognos Mobile app is optimised to respond to pinch and zoom, swipe, etc. The app allows you to draw on the report with your finger which can be used to highlight key parts of the report and then email a screenshot of it to other colleagues.  When using IBM Cognos Workspace reports on the iOS Mobile app, you can scroll through lists of tabs using the standard apple scroll wheel interface. 

    Tiles of your favourite reports:

    Draw on the report:



Metadata Modelling Tools

Enabling you to turn raw data in a complex format into business-friendly information which is easy to digest and simple to report from

  • IBM Cognos Framework Manager

    IBM Cognos Framework Manager is a metadata modelling tool for relational data (flat tables) and dimensionally modelled relational data (flat tables modelling into hierarchy based structures). It can also be used as a vehicle for publishing TM1 cubes and third party cubes into the Cognos BI environment. It brings together disparate data sources into one place and publishes them into the IBM Cognos web portal (called 'IBM Cognos Connection') where reporting tools can then access and report over the information.


          ✓   Supports relational and dimensionally-modelled relational metadata modelling

          ✓   Connects to OLAP including TM1 cubes (live and instant connection)

          ✓   Multilingual support

          ✓   Version control

          ✓   Audit trail

          ✓   Advanced calculations

          ✓   Keep common dimensions (e.g. calendar, products) consistent across different models with linked segments


  • IBM Cognos Cube Designer

    IBM Cognos Cube Designer is a metadata modelling tool which produces 'IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes'. These are in-memory OLAP cubes which are connected directly to relational data sources and therefore there is no need to import data into them. It is an intelligent, in-memory relational OLAP (ROLAP) technology which is optimised to maximise performance of report queries which run over terabytes of data.  Such data would take too long to import into traditional OLAP cubes.  IBM Cognos Cube Designer can easily model and deploy cubes and even combine cubes using the virtual cube technology to present consolidated data.


          ✓   ROLAP engine (relational online analytical processing)

          ✓   Data in cubes read directly from relational data sources

          ✓   No cube build times

          ✓   Performance optimisation capabilities

          ✓   In-memory

          ✓   Caching

          ✓   Intelligent re-routing of queries to aggregate tables

          ✓   Virtual cubes (combines 2 or more cubes)

          ✓   64-bit processing

          ✓   Ideal for “big data”

          ✓   Flexible security

          ✓   Multilingual support

          ✓   Built-in relative time

Why choose IBM?

Broad product set

All of the IBM Cognos products are ‘Best of Breed’ for Financial Performance Management. The rich functionality combined with seamless integration means that we always have the right tool at hand without having to go through a selection process of products with a lesser pedigree and poor integration. All the functionality of IBM Cognos is available to both mid-market and large scale organisations, priced competitively and fully scalable to grow with your business.

Trust IBM

IBM is a trusted brand with a long standing reputation for quality. IBM has spent years investing in developing the Cognos Suite and will continue to do so in the long term.

Cost effective

IBM’s Cognos products are a cost effective way to address your business’s unique requirements; from managing cash flow and assets to budgeting & forecasting, consolidation and reporting.

We live and breathe IBM technology

Our experienced consultants know what drives a business and are able to identify the right IBM solution for your needs. We apply the IBM Cognos suite of products to deliver the information that businesses in competitive markets need to thrive.

Discover how Aramar can give you the information to make better decision using IBM Cognos. Make an enquiry with us today on 03301242797 or fill in our simple online form