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04 Mar, 2016 More relevant, more frequent, more flexible planning. Aramar's planning solutions enable company performance to be aligned with strategic vision. Linking market and operational drivers to financial results allows businesses to react quickly and make more informed decisions. We build best in class solutions, tailored to our customer's needs. YouTube
07 Mar, 2016 Spreadsheets for planning? A popular tool needs help. (118 kB)
26 Feb, 2016 The IBM Cognos Platform (1.5 MB)
04 Mar, 2016 IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced is an easy and intuitive web-based analysis tool. This demonstration will walk through how to use this reporting tool to create a simple report and explore data for ad-hoc analysis. YouTube
04 Mar, 2016 IBM Cognos Workspace is a web-based analysis tool that allows decision makers to easily pull together information from a wide range of data sources in one workspace and across multiple tabs. YouTube