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07 Mar, 2016 IBM Cognos Disclosure Management Quick Start Service (92 kB)
07 Mar, 2016 IBM Cognos Express (2.2 MB)
26 Feb, 2016 IBM Cognos Analytics (69 kB)
04 Mar, 2016 Aramar understands your business challenges and delivers effective solutions. Working with the full IBM Cognos suite of products, Aramar delivers Close & Consolidate, Budget, Plan & Forecast, Report & Analyse and Disclosure Solutions. Adding business value by giving you control and confidence in your processes and your data. YouTube
04 Mar, 2016 Cognos Disclosure Management. Joseph Hughes looks at the challenges faced in the reporting arena, how you can gain control, confidence and more time for analysis. YouTube
04 Mar, 2016 Self-serve analytics, dashboards & automated reporting. Reporting & Analysis is the window into how your business is performing. How accessible is the headline news of your business? We work across all industries from SMEs to FTSE 100. Writing reports, automating distribution - all tailored to specific needs. We listen, we're trusted, we're talented. YouTube