FPM Quick Start

Results in five days.

A Financial Performance Management project can be a daunting prospect for some. There are many tales of massive projects that never delivered. Of huge, cumbersome and complex models, indecipherable code and expensive developers. Fortunately, the new world of Business Analytics in the hands of IBM Cognos consultants is vastly different to that of old.

At Aramar, we want to see you get rapid returns on your investment. Just getting some structure to your data as soon as possible can be the best way to begin. You will quickly see the benefits of a  view of your business, and can share that with future users and project sponsors to get support and buy-in for the project. You will most likely gain some new insight into your data, even in such a short time.

What you get

Once the software is installed, we will spend a day with you to understand your requirements, your data, and agree with you 2 or 3 performance measures that we will focus on. For the remaining four days, we will work closely with you on site, to produce a data set that can be used going forward either as the basis of a larger project, as a proof of concept, or just a one-off exercise to answer some burning business questions. We will pass on knowledge as we build, and can help you demonstrate the application to your colleagues and management.