FAP Alerter

IBM’s Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP) allows you to move away from the standard, fairly static financial reports directly from Cognos Controller and integrate directly with TM1. FAP is a ready-made TM1 cube which accompanies your installation of Cognos Controller.  FAP is updated automatically with the financial data held in Controller.

Reporting from FAP can be mission-critical for organisations and at times circumstances can occur that prevent FAP from performing as it should. So, Aramar has developed the ‘Aramar FAP Alerter’.

Aramar FAP Alerter is an event management tool that runs unattended and performs a series of tests on a client’s installation of FAP at intervals that the client determines.

Alerts are sent via email to relevant recipients as identified by the client.

FAP Alerter is totally configurable as to include or exclude specific tests, the scheduling of the tests and the recipients of the alerts.

Typical tests include:  

  • The status of Publications to FAP (at various stages of the publication)
  • Periodic examination of FAP error logs
  • Periodic evaluation of FAP structure status
  • FAP Update Structure status
  • FAP security alerts

This is an essential tool for organisations that cannot afford to be unaware of issues with their FAP.