Aramar Financial Reporting Cube

IBM Cognos Controller gives our customers control over their financial close process and confidence in the results. Controller is integrated with Excel and is suitable for producing standard, fairly static financial reports. Many of our customers require more dynamic, flexible and responsive analysis of their financial results, and this is achieved by employing Controller’s seamless integration with TM1.

IBM Cognos Controller comes installed with a ready-made TM1 cube that is updated automatically with the financial data held in Controller. This is IBM’s Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP).

Although the FAP cube is available as standard, by its very nature it needs to be generic, and in our experience, a significant amount of development work is always required to customise, extend and transform this reporting platform.

At Aramar, we have helped many customers through this, and our experience has enabled us to develop our own solution which cuts as much as ten days out of the process of building an extended FAP cube.

AFRC provides you with true multi-dimensional analysis of your consolidated financial information via the power and response of TM1, and opens the gateway to reporting financials through Cognos BI.