Social Media Analysis

Understand and evaluate social media behaviour to improve insights and enhance your data discoveries

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media (WASM)

IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media is an add on for Watson Analytics, and allows users to specify and refine topics and themes from a plethora of online information. Watson Analytics for Social Media then performs analysis on over 50,000,000 social sites including review, blog and video sites to find relevant patterns and relationships through sentiment analysis and other text mining applications. These relationships are then automatically visualised onto a dashboard which can also be filtered by different data points and viewed to a mention level to find out exactly what is being said on social media, providing more actionable insights.

Understand social behaviour - Use visualisations of social data to measure consumer sentiment and evaluate trends, gauge the reactions to a product or event, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and more.

Get more accurate insights - Extract multiple snippets of conversation from a single social post for a true picture of social sentiment.

Enrich your discoveries - Compare social media analytics results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.