Introducing MegaBeatz

Published 8th August 2016

Meet MegaBeatz, Aramar's Alter-ego, a live demonstration of a fully joined-up Financial Performance Solution. Featuring financial consolidation, planning & forecasting, dashboards & visualisations and narrative reporting.

MegaBeatz is a global manufacturer and distributor of music in various mediums. With businesses located in 47 countries worldwide, it has an established market in Europe and North America and a rapidly expanding presence in South America and Asia. MegaBeatz has the common challenge of unifying disparate sources of financial and operational data, combined with different currencies, intercompany trading and complex company ownership. MegaBeatz is owned by venture capital investors who require confidence in the reported results, delivered rapidly after period end. They set challenging targets and expect management to be in constant touch with the measurement of actual performance and able to react to operational and market influences.


Meet MegaBeatz