Thrive in a competitive market by combining activity with intelligent insight

Staying ahead in a competitive marketplace isn’t easy.

Margins are squeezed, important data can be trapped in multiple systems and productivity can be compromised by inefficiencies and complex manual processes.

From processes and tools, to the selection of the right technology to support your manufacturing supply chains, we know you are always looking for ways to gain insights and maintain a sustainable and competitive edge.  

The Value of Business Intelligence

If you want to be able to make informed decisions based on the most accessible, accurate and easy to consume information possible, then you need to invest in solutions which align innovation with business strategy. 

IBM Cognos software helps organisations access reliable, timely data that helps decision makers make informed and intelligent choices, which provide reliable answers to three fundamental questions:

  • How are we doing? – Staying on-track to meet targets with visibility into any aspect of your business performance.
  • Why? – Putting results and decisions into context by analysing trends and patterns.
  • What should we be doing? – Allocating human and financial resources more effectively using driver-based plans and rolling forecasts.

Once these questions can be confidently answered businesses can embark on an information-led transformation.

With trusted, accurate and timely information to the right decision makers at the right time, organisations can improve service levels, gain visibility into revenue and profitability performance, control costs and improve supply chain management. 

What was brought aboard was a way to record just how efficient the lines are running, since we have a 24-hour day to make products, we need to do it efficiently. We collect production data, but we need to report on and analyze it. That’s where the Cognos tool has provided real value. Craig Sindorf, BI Manager of Supply Chain at Dr Pepper.