IBM Watson Analytics and Watson Analytics for Social Media Hands-on Workshop

25th January 2018, 09:30 - 12:30

This free workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how IBM Watson Analytics can enable you to quickly analyse your data to spot relationships and trends, and share your findings within multiple departments.  You will get to try out the software, see guided data analysis in action and learn how to get predictive insight and automatic data visualisation in minutes.

You will also explore IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media to see how publicly available social media data can show what your customers are saying about your company and your competitors, measure your social sentiment across 50,000,000+ sites and understand through automatic data visualisation.

The Workshop will include:

  • Loading and Refining data
  • Exploring and Visualising data
  • Understanding Drivers and Predictive Insights
  • Displaying and Sharing data
  • Configuring and Navigating Watson Analytics for Social Media

Important notes

  • As this is a 'hands-on' workshop, can we please ask you to bring your own laptop to the workshop.
  • Lunch will be provided.
  • Aramar Certificate included

Who should attend?

  • Social Media Managers/Analysts
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
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