IBM Cognos Analytics Training Courses

Self-service business intelligence with Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics provides a powerful personal analytics experience, driven by AI. It’s built to help you find and share compelling stories that lie hidden in your data. Unlike analytics solutions that only show what’s happening across your business, IBM Cognos Analytics goes further, using AI to get to why it happened.  These game-changing insights enable businesses to respond efficiently to rapidly evolving business needs.

Our IBM certified trainers have years of experience and you will leave our courses confident and prepared. 

  • IBM Cognos Analytics - Introduction

    One Day Course

    £1250 for 1-3 delegates 

    £1550 for 3-6 delegates

    Course Overview

    This course provides participants with a high level overview of the IBM Cognos Analytics suite of products and their underlying architecture. They will examine each component as it relates to an Analytics solution. Participants will be shown a range of resources to provide additional information on each product.

    Course Outline

    1: Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Introduce IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Introduce IBM Cognos Analytics components
    • Introduce IBM Cognos architecture at a high level
    • Introduce IBM Cognos security at a high level


    2: Consume content in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Where do consumers access BI content?
    • Use published reports
    • Drill through to related data
    • Specify run report options
    • Specify properties of an entry
    • Scheduling reports
    • Report views & Shortcuts


    3: Create reports in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Overview of reporting and report authoring
    • Identify package types, uploaded files, and data modules available for reporting
    • Examine interface for IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting
    • Explore different report types
    • Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report
    • Create a report view
    • Create a schedule
    • Import and report on Excel data


    4: Create dashboards in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Describe IBM Cognos Dashboarding
    • Identify the IBM Cognos Dashboarding user interface
    • Add report content and tools to create dashboards
    • Widget-to-widget communication
    • Filter data in the dashboard
    • Sort, group and ungroup, and calculate data


    5: Create metadata models in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Define IBM Cognos Framework Manager and its purpose
    • Review a Framework Manager model
    • Web-based Modelling
    • Create Data Modules


    6: Integrate Microsoft Office with IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Explore IBM Cognos Analytics for Microsoft Excel
    • Explore IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint


    *We offer a dimensional and relational version of this course.


  • IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting - Basics

    One Day Course

    £1250 for 1-3 delegates 

    £1550 for 3-6 delegates

    This course provides atttendees with the knowledge to start building their own reports in Cognos Analytics through practical hands on workshops.

    The workshops use our MegaBeatz model with data from the music industry that can be easily understood by a broad audience.  The course is full of best practice tips and Business Intelligence concepts.

    The aim of the course is for attendees to develop an understanding of Business Intelligence and reporting concepts and to come away with the skills required to analyse data, create reports and present data.

    1:  IBM Cognos Analytics - Getting Started

    • IBM Analytics architecture overview
    • IBM Cognos Analytics components
    • Legacy version comparison
    • How to access Reporting
    • Examine the interface
    • Run an existing report
    • Edit an existing report
    • Exploring interactivity mode
    • Create a new report
    • Templates and themes


    2:  Data Source Structures

    • Relational reporting structures
    • Dimensional reporting structures
    1. Dimensions
    2. Members and Hierarchies
    3. Levels
    4. Properties
    5. Cubes


    3:  Reporting Authoring Basics

    • Adding dimensional objects to a crosstab
    • Drill up / drill down / expand / collapse
    • Adding a total
    • Different crosstab layouts
    1. Nesting
    2. Stacking
    3. Asymmetric
    • Zero suppression
    • Default members
    • Page layers
    • Filtering and slicing
    • Sets
    • Create a top 10 report
    • Calculations
    • Tuples


    4:  Charts and Visualisations

    • Create a simple visualisation
    • Convert to a different visualisation
    • Suppressing chart axes
    • Customising the chart properties
    • Maps
    • Baselines and annotations
    • Adding a secondary axis
    • Selecting a palette
    • Customising the palette to a specific RGB colour
    • Background effects
    • Showing / hiding values


    5:  Improve the Report Presentation

    • Templates and themes
    • Copying content between reports
    • Extending rows per page
    • Resizing objects


    6:  Sharing Reports

    • Exporting to different formats
    • Running reports from the portal
    • Scheduling reports



  • IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting - Advanced

    Two Day Course

    £3750 for 1-3 delegates 

    £3100 for 3-6 delegates

    Course Overview

    From building a multi-query report to bursting out reports by email, this course provides the skills and knowledge required for users to build and edit dynamic professional reports through practical hands on workshops. The workshops use our Megabeatz Model with Music Industry data that is easily understood by a broad audience laced with best practice tips and Business Intelligence concepts.

    The aim of the course is for attendees to develop an understanding of Queries, Prompts, Drilling and Advanced report functionality, in addition to an understanding of Dimensional and Dynamic time functions.  You will come away with the skills required to create and edit Professional Reports.

    1:  Queries

    • Queries overview
    • Building a multi-query report


    2:  Prompt Pages

    • Build a prompt page
    • Value prompts (from the data source)
    • Value prompts (from static values)
    • Inline prompts
    • Tree prompts
    • Creating a parameter in a slice
    • Layout calculations
    • Adapting prompt properties
    • Auto submit
    • Prompt header text
    • Variables and conditional blocks
    • Default selections


    3:  Drill Through Reports

    • Source vs target report
    • Creating drill through access
    • Applying drill through settings


    4:  Advanced Report Design

    • Sectioning
    • Conditional formatting
    • Master-detail relationships
    • Table of contents
    • Bursting reports
    • Running a burst report to email
    • Running a burst report and saving the output in the web
    • Checking the status of a running report


    5:  Dimensional Functions

    • Children
    • Descendants
    • Filter
    • Complex nested expressions
    • Dimensional function wizard
    • Exclude
    • Rank
    • If statements
    • Case statements
    • RAG icons / conditional images
    • Adding your own images / logos


    6:  Functions for Dynamic Time

    • Adding a prompted period
    • Ancestor (full year)
    • ParallelPeriod (last year)
    • PrevMember (prior period)
    • Lag (X periods ago)
    • PeriodsToDate (YTD)
    • Total currentMeasure within set (YTD Total)
    • LastPeriods (last x months, rolling x months)
    • Creating a dynamic current month


    7:  Advanced Techniques

    • Macro Prompts
    • Create your own template
    • Layout component references
    • Advanced conditional formatting