Data Visualisation – Making Data Digestible

Published 15th March 2018

Making your numbers palatable

Felicity French - Marketing Manager

Data visualisation isn’t a new concept, humans have been using drawings, maps and charts to communicate complex information for thousands of years.

Modern businesses generate huge volumes of data at a rapid rate and data visualisation tools translate this complex information into palatable ‘chunks’. They enable you to present raw data in a way that we can process more easily, after all who wouldn’t find an attractive visual more appealing than a massive Excel spreadsheet.

Besides looking great, data visualisations form an essential element of Business Intelligence.  They help companies identify new opportunities, identify trends and spot patterns, all of which inform better decision making.

Good visualisations should focus on enabling users to make better decisions based on accurate data. Translating data into a graphical representation is not about making something look pretty – rather, it is all about getting the message across as simply and as easily as possible, while retaining the integrity of the data.

Data Visualisation can help you to condense and control a sea of data. As the quantity of data increases, those that rely on manual data analysis and visualisation methods will be left behind wondering why they have lost their competitive edge.

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