Need help with where to go on holiday? Watson Analytics for Social Media can help you decide.

Published 20th April 2017

How Watson Analytics for Social Media can help consumers narrow their choices

Bronyck Stokes Horrigan - Practice Lead - Advanced Analytics

It’s April. Everyone you speak to has booked their holidays to the sunny Mediterranean. You, however, still don’t know where to go, even though everyone is giving you their recommendations.

What if you could gather these recommendations and analyse them to find the best destination for you? With Watson Analytics for Social Media, you can do just that.  With access to Twitter, Facebook, review sites, blogs and videos, Watson analytics for Social Media can help you decide on your holiday, based on your own criteria.

Firstly, specify which countries you would like to know about. I have focussed on popular destinations in the Mediterranean. You can also add specific places such as ‘Rome’ or ‘Lisbon’ if you have somewhere particular in mind. 

You can then add themes dependent on your needs and interests. In my case, I would like to know more about the cuisine, activities and the beach. Others may be interested in whether the location is family friendly. 

You may also want to filter the dates and find out exactly what people were saying from that time the previous year, or get the most up to date results of what people have booked. As well as selecting the languages you want to look at, you can also choose to include or exclude sources. For this data set, I have excluded news sites as I want a more ‘personal’ opinion.

After Watson Analytics for Social Media has analysed the data, we can begin to look at some of the discoveries. Firstly, we can see that the locations with the highest share of voice are France, Spain and Italy, indicating that these are the destinations people discuss most and are the most popular holiday destinations. 

Next, we can see which themes are most associated with locations. Looking at the visualisation, we can see that France and Italy are the locations where most people talk about food and cuisine.

As two countries famed for their food, this is not surprising, but it is good to know that as a family, you may wish to consider Spain, Italy, France or Portugal, as these countries are being talked about in connection with family friendly holidays. If you like your beaches, you may want to consider a trip to Croatia, famed for its corals, or Portugal, Greece, Spain or Italy.

If these charts don’t help you, you can then check the sentiment for each location to see what the results are overall.

As well as this, you may want to find out the specific sentiment of themes, such as ‘family friendly’. According to Watson Analytics for Social Media, the most family friendly places include Portugal, Spain and Italy. 

You can also see themes people mention when they are thinking of visiting a location, going to a location or when they are dissatisfied (customer churn). 

Those people who visit France, Spain and Italy talk a lot about the food there, but, more people are ‘churning’ when it comes to cuisine in France, indicating users may not like the food there as much as other locations.

Watson Analytics for Social Media also has a ‘mentions’ function, which allows you to see exactly what people are saying about locations, flights and themes.

For me, a good holiday has to include nice beaches, good food, adventures and activities to be had. If the holiday is inexpensive, that’s also a bonus. I therefore included these four topics in my sentiment analysis.

According to Watson Analytics for Social Media, the country with the most positive sentiment for these factors is Italy.  Looking at the mentions, I can see particular areas like Sicily and Tuscany are being included for these factors.

Therefore, for my own preferences, a holiday to Italy, or more specifically Tuscany or Sicily would be best suited. That’s my holiday destination sorted in less than 30 minutes!

Watson Analytics for Social Media is powerful tool which can help identify trends and share of voice on any number of themes and topics that are user defined.  As well as where you should go for your holiday this year, Watson Analytics for Social Media could also help travel agents spot new trends in holiday destinations or Airlines run targeted promotions to attract more customers.

Watson Analytics for Social Media can be used to discover a range of information about any business, including competitor awareness, buyer intent to purchase or churn, customer sentiment and loyalty, buying trends and employee monitoring.  Could your business use these insights to make smarter and more effective business decisions?

If you would like to know more about Watson Analytics for Social Media give us a call or drop us an email.