Attention to Retail

Helping leading retailers see behind their data

Industry Experience

Aramar started working with a well known retailer in 2016 when we were asked to prepare a planning system proposal to replace the existing Hyperion Pillar system.

The retailer had to manually budget for over 200 retail stores and this time consuming process was all carried out by one person in the Finance department. The process was inefficient, prone to error and caused multiple issues when new stores were opened.

Aramar met with the key decision makers and listened to their aims for the business and came up with a recommendation which would replace their spreadsheet model and form the basis for a more distributed planning solution in the future.

We were able to help them increase productivity through analytics-driven decisions, reduce the length of the planning and budgeting cycle and free up time to spend on analysing data.

Turn your data into insight

The retail industry is going through a period of unprecedented change driven by evolving consumer behaviour, rising costs, lower pricing power and the need to invest in and information-led innovations.

Many of our retail customers have found that their planning, forecasting and analytics processes were not able to withstand the strain of keeping up with the demands of modern retail. 

They had reached the limits of Excel and wanted to break down data silos and to run effective processes across the whole organisation – from HQs though to countries, branches, departments, warehouses, stores and SKU level.

Our analytics solutions enable you to access reliable, timely data that helps you make informed and intelligent choices, which provide reliable answers to three fundamental questions:

How are we doing?

Staying on-track to meet targets with visibility into any aspect of your business performance.


Putting results and decisions into context by analysing trends and patterns.

What should we be doing? 

Allocating human and financial resources more effectively using driver-based plans and rolling forecasts.

With trusted, accurate and timely information to the right decision makers at the right time, you can improve service levels, gain visibility into revenue and profitability performance, control costs and improve supply chain management.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager Karen Cotton.