Lindsey O’Grady

Solutions Lead

Lindsey is a Solutions Lead and Principal Consultant with 11 years experience of IBM Analytics software.  Since joining Aramar in 2014, she has been developing solutions in both Planning Analytics (TM1) and Cognos Analytics (BI).   Prior to that, she developed Cognos Business Intelligence models and professional reports for Greene King, one of East Anglia’s largest Cognos environments.  She has extensive project experience across a range of industries and data models. In recent years, Lindsey has used this experience to generate best practice, out-of-the-box models such as Fast Financials and Lease16 to help customers speed up their project implementation. As a Solutions Lead, Lindsey oversees what solutions are delivered across all of our customer projects and works with our consultants to shape the approach.  She keeps a close eye on IBM's product updates in order to enhance our solution designs and ensure Aramar stays current.

Her broad skills set includes high level strategy and design on planning and reporting solutions, scoping new projects, building solutions, mentoring clients to build solutions for themselves, migration between environments and delivering training courses.  She has trained and mentored a range of professionals, both technical and non-technical, from graduates to experienced consultants.

How Lindsey works

Lindsey is an enthusiastic achiever who thrives on taking on new challenges and goes above and beyond in every task to deliver exceptional results. Her regular blog posts have engaged audiences globally.  She brings experience from real world challenges and her interest in the latest developments of the product to her consultancy and mentoring.

Specialisms and Expertise

Cognos Analytics (BI), Planning Analytics (TM1), SQL, Data Warehousing, Metadata Modelling – both relational and dimensional, Project Management, Excel, business management, marketing, problem solving.


Sewing, craft, cooking, computing, health and fitness.

IBM Certifications

IBM Cognos Analytics V11.0.x Administration Essentials
IBM Cognos Analytics V11.0.x Modeling Essentials
IBM Cognos Analytics V11.0.x Reporting Essentials

IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.0 Modeler

  • IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.0 TurboIntegrator
  • IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.0 Rules and Feeders
  • IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.0 Dimensions and Cubes

IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.0 Analyst

  • IBM Planning Analytics Workspace V2.0.0 Explore Data
  • IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel V2.0.0 Analyze Data

IBM Planning Analytics V2.0.x Analyst

  • IBM Planning Analytics Workspace V2.0.x Explore Data
  • IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel V2.0.x Analyze Data

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